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About Lois Munoz Merka (Director/Executive Producer) - Lois Munoz Merka started her career in show biz in a New York City cab, born during one of the worst snowstorms in history. She wrote and directed her first show at age 5, all music and dialogue inspired by dreams she had, and stolen bits from Sesame Street. She went on to study acting in Boston first with the new Earlich Theater Company and later with the great Method teacher Eleanor Lenke. After landing parts mostly in underground films and theater, she tired of waiting for the phone to ring, so she started one Punk Rock Band after another. While on tour performing in Los Angeles, she ran into an old friend who begged her to move there to join his band. Tired of Boston winters, she took him up on his offer and stayed for two unholy years. Blah, blah, blah film study. Blah, Blah Production Assistant on American Idol, followed by a few years of helping everyone else make films. While editing her first short film, she got a call from a friend who suggested she check out a novel by author Drake Braxton titled "Missing". He thought it would be a great film for her to direct as he knew her rich and wild history. She read it, went crazy for the book and immediately decided this would be her perfect first feature film.

About Gregory G. Allen (Screenwriter/Executive Producer) - Gregory G. Allen has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years as an actor, director, writer, and producer having performed on television, film, and stage. He is an award-winning author of several books including a children's book on autism, has had over ten shows that he has served as book writer and/or composer/lyricists produced on stage, been the recipient of musical grants from BMI, ASCAP, and the Watershed Foundation, and is a member of the Dramatist Guild. He has contributed to several online sites (Huffington Post, Broadway World, Examiner, Baristanet, Out In Jersey) and recently has acted as associate producer on several indie films such as Our Father, The SufferingOwn Worst EnemyThe Speech (Inside of You), and Atarxia. He is working on the short film Mother.

Donate $1,000

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people that are behind the main actors in a film? We need plenty of extras in the film. At this donation, we can make sure that happens! (Assuming you can get yourself to New England when shooting occurs.) 

Donate $1,500

Maybe being in a film isn’t for you, but you’d love to see what it is like on the set of a film. Spend a dayon the set and attend the wrap party! 

(Assuming you can get yourself to New England when shooting occurs...there is a theme happening here.)

Donate $2,500

You've dreamed of acting in a film with a speaking role - this is for you! (Assuming you can get yourself to set when shooting occurs and the director actually sees you have some acting chops. So be prepared to share your talent prior to shooting!)

Donate $5,000

Hello Producer! Your name is now listed in the credits as producer. You can attend the set and wrap party. You'll be notified when we have a premiere party. You are part of the family - big time!

Donate $7,500 or ABOVE

That's right - we said ABOVE because we are not about to stop one of our Executive Producers from giving all they want to give. Your name is now listed in the credits as executive producer. You can attend the set, the wrap party, opening night premieres...all the excitement of being an executive producer is at your fingertips. Please contact us via email if you are interested in this level.

Donate $500

That closing credit 'thank you' is prominently displayed on screen and you will be the first to hear some of the wonderful music used in the film by amazing artists.

Donate $100 to $250 

Our undying love and social media shout-outs are accompanied by a listing in the thank yous on our website & in the film credits.

Donate $50 or below

You are going to get our undying love for being a part of the overall picture. (And that LOVE will show up as a 'shout out' on our social media sites too!)

**We want all funds raised to go directly to the film. That's why you don't see us on a regular crowd sourcing site. (See, we knew you you were asking that question.) We LOVE those sites, but who needs overhead cost when people can donate directly on our website?  

Checks can be written to HE IS GONE FILMS, LLC and mailed to:

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We are looking for any and all donations to help us get our film made. Major bragging rights as you hang with your friends that you helped support an indie gay film based on a book that so many have discussed the twists & turns and has received rave reviews. (Seriously - just look at the reviews on Amazon.)


Do you often wonder how films get made? What is going on in the background in order for you to see that finished product? 

Trust us - there is more going on than we could even share, but none of that can occur without kind-hearted people willing to make it happen. We need the support of those people to get financing together to make HE IS GONE possible! 

That's why ASD Media & Entertainment is looking to YOU to help us fund our film HE IS GONE.

Based on the award-winning novel MISSING by Drake Braxton, filmmaker Lois Munoz Merka fell in love with the book and knew it would make for an exciting film along the lines of other gritty thrillers - only this one celebrates the LGBT community showing all sides to that beautiful rainbow! Lois was adamant this story be told as the novelist intended as a gay love story and not change it to a man and a woman (as Hollywood would have done). So creating an indie film was the way to tell this powerful story of loss and recovery.

The script is completed; the crew is being assembled, a teaser has been shot in New England, and the budget to create this amazing film has been created so we can cast the movie and begin filming in 2015.

Our director is so passionate about telling this story and wanted to find out why gay cinema was important to people in 2014, so she created this small film asking that very question.