ASD Media & Entertainment is working with author Gregory G. Allen on his third children's book coming this fall! This story is a delightful tale for children who dare to dream and who love playing pretend either onstage OR off! The illustrations by Morgan Swofford are absolutely beautiful and enhance the story in a very entertaining way. 

illustrations by Morgan Swofford

The history of Irving

Allen has been in the entertainment industry (television, film, stage) for close to 30 years as an actor, director, writer, and producer. And award-winning author of a dozen books and stories, he has had over ten shows that he has served as book writer and/or composer/lyricists produced on stage (Theater Week Magazine Best Score Winner).  

The children's book Irving the Theater Nut! tells the story of a squirrel who wants nothing more than to join the children rehearsing inside the theater and be a part of that theater world. Many theater kids "theater geeks" may feel they are different because of that love they have for the arts, but Allen hopes that his picture book with illustrations by Morgan Swofford will show kids of all ages that being a lover of the arts is nothing to be ashamed of. It also teaches teamwork, encouragement, and collaboration...without banging children over the head with a lesson.

As a freelance director and script writer, Allen has worked for Broadway Live; a media company specializing in original programming for the New York Theater scene. He has contributed to several online sites (interviewing many stage performers) including Huffington Post, Broadway Voice, and Broadway World, has penned the screenplay for a feature film, and is the winner of the 2015 Indie Soul Best Director Award from the Boston International Film Festival and Best Director at the Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards in April 2015 for his short film Mother.

"I've always been a theater nut so you might say that Irving is a part of me," says Allen. "I can't wait for the world to meet this little fellow and learn that there is nothing wrong with chasing a matter how old you are or different you may feel."

Gregory G. Allen is available for interviews to discuss the book published by ASD Publishing (ASD Media & Entertainment) due out this fall. email us at or the author at

In 2014, Gregory G. Allen started a new job as the theater manager of the historic Town Hall Theater in Irvington, NY. That same week he met what would become the inspiration for his next children's book; a squirrel that had gotten into the theater. Allen said the squirrel was quickly removed from the theater, but he went home that night and wrote an outline about a squirrel that loved theater. That outline was put away and forgotten until this year after traveling to schools during Autism Awareness Month discussing his first two books and children asking what his next book would be. "I started my career in children's theater writing my first stage musicals when I was only 14 and then touring in children's theater as an adult...including three years as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle," says Allen. "To finally write a book for children about the love of's everything to me!"

Irving the Theater Nut!

Championing the Spirit of Independence